Mardi Gras Magic with Yola’s Kitchen!

Adeola’s Kitchen 

IG: @yolaskitchen

It’s Fat Tuesday y’all! Cue the Big Band and get you a big ole’ bowl of gumbeaux!

Mardi Gras is one of my favorite unofficial holidays, I wanted to have something special for you guys, and luckily, the right feature fell into my lap.

Today’s post will be highlight Yola’s Kitchen, a local chef that hosts monthly dinner parties with different themes/cuisines at various locations across Atlanta.

I was so excited to be invited to Chef Adeola’s February dinner party – appropriately themed for Mardi Gras! She featured a variety of Cajun dishes that were to DIE for.

The menu included crawfish etouffee, gumbo, shrimp & grits, and so much more. I’m not a huge seafood eater, but I tried everything and genuinely enjoyed every dish. I even helped myself to second servings of the shrimp & grits.

Not only did the dinner party provide excellent restaurant quality food, but the experience was fun too! I met young professionals in an intimate atmosphere. A nice change from the club/bar. Honestly, I’ll take a good meal out any day over the club.

To top off an already great event, this month’s party was co-sponsored by Martell, one of the world’s oldest cognac brands. Martell provided the venue for the event, a plush and lavish home in the city decorated to trendy perfection. They also provided a variety of cocktails made with Martell for the guests, and I’ll be honest – I’m not a cognac drinker, but the beverages I tried were refreshing and delicious.

I can’t wait to attend next month’s edition of Yola’s Kitchen for more food & mingling!

Check out some pictures from the event below. *Photos by @PrettySocialPics on Instagram*

If you’re interested in learning how you can attend one of her dinner parties, visit her website, and follow her on Instagram, @yolaskitchen for info on upcoming events.

Until then, “let the good times roll” brunch babes!

yolas kitchen 1
Yola’s Kitchen – Blackened Catfish
Yola's Kitchen 2
Yola’s Kitchen – Bread Pudding Served with Martell Caramel Sauce & Strawberries | Venue – Home By Martell
yolas kitchen 5
Yola’s Kitchen – Martell Cognac Bar #HomeByMartellATL
yolas kitchen 6
Yola’s Kitchen – Crawfish Etouffee

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